What Are the Most Popular Sofa Colors In 2020 With Charts

It happens all the time for every customers : you just happen to be in a popular furniture store and you are about to buy an important piece of furniture.

You end up with eyeing on a beautiful sofa… but wait, you do not know exactly if it’s going to fit your living room. How to measure a sofa the right way ? This exactly what we are going to look at and save you a lot of hassle of buying the wrong size.

It will save you a lot of time and money on your next sofa purchase.

Why Is It So Critical to Take Measurements

When you measure your sofa, we usually you focus these measurements in order to see how it is going to fit in your living. But what about the delivery ?

When the delivery team will come to your place, they will have the challenge to get your amazing new sofa into your home through windows or having to dismantle a sofa to take it inside. Besides, sofas got returned to the furniture stores only because the delivery team could not pass the sofa through the doors, stairs, windows or simply because the sofa is too large for the rooms.

A good reason to measure the room and the space where you intend to put your sofa is in the case you buy the sofa online. As more and more of our purchase are now made online, you must absolutely spend some time finding the information  on the dimensions before your proceed with your purchase. Make sure to differentiate and not confuse height, width, depth and any other dimension.

Finally the more you understand the space occupation of your future sofa, the more you will visualize how it will fit into the space. It is critical to maintain a good size harmony within your living room. Take the time to measure the other pieces of furniture you already have so that your sofa will be within the same dimension scale. Keeping a right sizing is essential if you wish to obtain an elegant living room.

How to Measure A Sofa

Get Your Home Properly Measured

Now you have in mind to buy a sofaand you are eager to press BUY in the online cart. Don’t rush it ! Before you even think of buying a sofa, you must measure properly your place.

How to do your home measurement ? A good steps-by-steps would be the following :

  1. measure from the entry,
  2. then move on to all the different passages, hallways, staircases, or doors that your sofa will pass through until you reach the last place, where it is supposed to go.
  3. spot the most challenging spot : a stair corners, a door that might need to be removed to pass your sofa
  4. finally, add a few extra inches for an easy maneuvering of your furniture.

The Measurement Techniques 

Measuring a sofa is not simply measuring the length or the width. If you limit yourself to that, you do not have the right space occupation of your sofa and as we mentioned in the first part, it will not reflect the overall scale of your sofa within the room. In order to measure properly, you can do the following :

  • Width: For the first obvious steps, we will measure the width.
    Measure the width from arm to arm. By doing so you will be able to take the measurement from what is usually the widest part of the sofa. You need to make sure that you are taking the width measurements at the widest point.
    The usual example is when you have rolled-up arms that goes beyond the bottom width.
  • Height: next, you will measure the height—same thing here, you will measure from the back at the highest point.  Also, measure from there to the floor as you could a get a sofa with detachable legs. For sofas where the legs are screwed on,  you can just remove them and measure the sofa height like that as it will get easier to move your sofa around inside your room. A good thing to note is when you are removing the sofa legs, you reduce the chance of putting any marks on the walls or doors.
  • Depth:  the depth of the sofa is certainly one of the most important measurements to take. When you need to take the measure you can start from the outside edge of the seat and then carry on all the way to the back.
  • Diagonal Depth: The final step is to measure the diagonal depth of the sofa. To do this this, you only place a straight tape measure from the top back of the frame to the bottom front in diagonal.

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