As technology continues to evolve, so does the furniture we choose for our homes. In 2023, well-designed and comfortable sofas are becoming more popular than ever before. With a variety of styles and fabrics available, it’s easy to find the perfect sofa for your home or office space that will last you years into the future.

The first thing to consider when looking at new sofas is comfortability; no matter how stylish a piece may be if it isn’t comfortable then it won’t be worth investing in. Look out for features such as adjustable headrests and armrests which can help make sitting on your sofa even more enjoyable! Many modern designs also come with extra padding built into them which helps provide extra cushioning while still maintaining its sleek look – perfect if you’re after something contemporary yet cosy!

When selecting upholstery material you want something that is both durable but also looks great too – leather has become increasingly popular due to its ability stand up against wear & tear over time whilst still providing an attractive finish. For those who prefer softer textures there are plenty of fabric options available too such as velvet or microfibre; these materials allow air flow through them making them ideal choices during warmer months where cooling down quickly might be necessary!

Finally don’t forget about color – whether opting for neutral tones like grey/beige or going bolder with blues/reds this choice should reflect your own personal style & taste best – remember whatever colour scheme chosen must match existing decor already present in room otherwise entire space could end up feeling mismatched & disjointed instead of cohesive whole unit desired originally intended by designer themselves!. So why not take some time now explore all different types options out there today? You’ll soon find one perfectly suited needs without breaking bank account either way!.

Easy way on how to deodorize your couch

We are the new year, which means now is the best time to get your cleaning materials out and spring clean your house and personal spaces for a fresh, neat, dust-free start.

Spring cleaning can be intimidating, so start with your furniture and work your way through the rest of the house to make things easier for yourself.

What about starting to deodorize your couch with this simple easy cleaning recipe.

Preparation tips

Carolina McCauley provided a tip on how she deep cleans and deodorizes her couches to make them look and smell brand new on her Instagram page.

She begins by spraying her entire couch with warm water with a spray bottle in the video she has uploaded.

She then goes ahead and sprinkles baking soda all over the couch, then rubs the baking soda in with a damp towel.

After allowing that to dry, she vacuums the entire couch and then uses a spray bottle to spray on some rubbing alcohol to finish her couch cleaning and deodorizing process.

Carolina has also provided her homemade couch cleaning solution, which is guaranteed to properly clean your couches while also leaving them looking and feeling fresh.

Cleaning recipe to deodorize your couch

She begins by filling a glass spray bottle halfway with water, then adding 1/2 cup dish soap, 3/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, and 20 drops of essential oil.

She then gives the bottle a good shake to ensure that all of the components are fully combined before spraying her couch cleaning solution directly onto her couches.

Recipe recap to clean your sofa

What you need

  • glass spray bottle halfway with water,
  • add 1/2 cup dish soap,
  • 3/4 cup hydrogen peroxide,
  • 20 drops of essential oil.

We hope you enjoyed reading this short post to detail on easy ways to deodorize your couches. You can also read more details on our previous article on how to clean a fabric sofa.

5 Best Sofas 2020 - Rivet Frederick Mid-Century Modern

Are you about shopping for a new sofa ? Selecting the right sofa can feel like a weighty choice : you definitely want something that looks great, feels comfortable, and get along well with your interior.

Let’s directly jump in and see the 5 best sofas on for 2021.

On one hand, you could prefer the appearance of an oversized, casual couch for family and friends movie nights. On the other hand, you could prefer a sofa that looks stylish and more like a divan in a formal and elegant living room. Whatever style, fabric, and size you are looking for, there is a sofa and couch out there for right for you. Thanks to amazing offer, can help you find it on this list of the top 5 best sofas on for 2021

We strive to provide our readers with honest, unbiased advice that allows them to purchase with confidence. To do so, we consult with experts, test products, and browse through consumer reviews to get the best products available. And we don’t accept manufacturer samples, so you can rest assured we’re giving you an objective opinion.

Check out the shopping guide below to explore different sofa styles and features. When you are ready to buy a new couch, have a look at our top 5 selected in the item list below with direct link access.

5 Best Sofa 2021 – Rivet Frederick Mid-Century Modern

Rivet Frederick Mid-Century Modern

The rectangular shape and channelled upholstery are unmistakably mid-century. A the same time. its velvet fabric and shiny metal legs bring glamour to this sofa.

This piece is a stunning style statement and a conversation starter for your modern-style room.

For the Spec :

77.5″W x 34.6″D x 31.4″H;
Seat Height: 17.7″H ;
Seat Depth: 23.2″D;
Seat Back Height: 22.2″H;
Arm Height: 31.4″H;
Leg Height: 9.3″H

Velvet fabric on sturdy wood frame; aluminum legs with brass finish
Mid-century modern meets glam in this statement piece
In addition to being a comfortable sofa, this statement piece is a true head turner.

Rivet Frederick Mid-Century Modern

What we love

We really love his easy assembly process which takes less than 30 minutes as you have only to screw in legs.

Pillows are included and detachable.

Buy Now

5 Best Sofas 2020 – Stone & Beam Charles Classic

Baxton Studio Callidora

A leather sofa with a very classy look.

Let yourself be wrapped in comfort by this extra large sofa. Traditional rolled arms and turned wood legs are combined with modern 100% leather upholstery for an update on a classic piece.Its body is made in the USA.

Its ample seating space offers room for the whole family.

Baxton Studio Callidora Sofa Size

The customers who bought it really love. You can check directly the customers’ reviews :

Customers Reviews B075X5LXYJ Stone & Beam Charles Classic

What we love

You have 4 choices of colour which is a perfect way to adapt to your style.

You can assemble in 15 minutes or less.

Its 3 -years warranty.

Buy Now

5 Best Sofas 2020 – Rivet Revolve Modern

Rivet Revolve Modern

The customers who bought it are amazingly satisfied with this sofa. You can check directly the customers’ reviews :

Amazon Customers reviews 2020 Rivet Revolve Modern

What we love

You have 8 choices of colour. Here no way to not find what you would like to have !

The comfort is also there. The sectional part of the sofa gives you a place to chill and offer plenty of room to lay down. When you have some guest over, you have extra seats.

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5 Best Sofas 2020 – Jennifer Taylor Home Jack Collection Modern Velvet

Jennifer Taylor Home Jack Collection Modern Velvet

The Jack Collection Introduces a sofa with good  dimensions of 84″ x 33″ x 31.5″ and weight of 121 lbs.

Its construction is durable: crafted from dried kiln birchwood and 11 Layer Plywood.

What we love

Again, a sofa where you have 8 choices of colour. Here no way to not find what you would like to have !

This sofa is in polyester fabric and easy to clean and maintain.

Its assembly is minimal, only the legs to attach and pillows are detachable.

This sofa has a 3-year warranty.

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5 Best Sofas 2020 – Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield

Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield

This sofa is an updated version of a classic and timeless : the Chesterfield.

Its design is sturdy and the upholstery will bring enduring style and durability to your home.

The Specs

  • 92.9”W x 39”D x 30.3”H
  • Hardwoods; polyester/nylon fabric

Reviews for this sofa make it one of the best sofa for 2020 for sure :

Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Customers Reviews

What we love

Again, a sofa where you have 8 choices of colour. Here no way to not find what you would like to have !

Its assembly is minimal, only the legs to attach.

This sofa has a 3-year warranty.

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Who Invented the Couch

Have you ever wondered how the modern sofa got invented ? Where does its name come from ? The answer is quite surprising as this every-day item feels like it existed for such a long time. On, we like to solve this wonderful question. Let’s look at who invented the couch.

We can find the earliest picture of the couch in 1686 on engraving entitled – Woman of Quality on a Canape.

In these days, couches were low-backed style that was called a canape from the French canapé.

Inventor, Mr. Couch ?

But so where does the name couch come from ? To answer that question, we could go through That was rather surprising ! The couch came from the English inventor, Jay Wellingdon Couch in 1895. Its new furniture was baptized after its name.

The sophas before the sofas

Now we need to see where the name – sofa – come from. We will see that this piece of furniture was invented earlier.

Originally spelled, sopha, as it was from Arabic origins was a furniture built for cushions. French people were calling them sofas or sophas. Its name evolved to be simplified under sofa.

Sofas evolved to be more comfy

It’s at the beginning of the 18th century, in the late 1690s and early 1700s, furniture craftsmen got more skillful at the sofas making. The craftsmen initiated the use of new tools and techniques to carve or sculpt the wood. Sofas became more robust and a market starting to adopt and this new trendy piece of furniture.

It is especially at the French court were sofa adoption increased the most. We could seed first ladies can be seen in painting then in the old photographs lounging around.

Rich people and noblewoman started having sofas in every room of their home or even several in one room while others complained that people were stretched out too often and didn’t have any in their homes. You can read in novels from this time interesting description of home or French court not looking like a court anymore

Microfiber sheets

How great can it be when getting up in the morning after a full night sleep ! You feel fresh and ready to tackle the challenges of a new day. But what a wonderful feeling after this harassing day to feel the soft contact of your new microfiber sheets ! Yes this time we are reviewing something else than sofa, why not ?

Considering purchasing microfiber sheet is definitely the best options to experience this feeling. If you are not convinced, you should now get a look at how your current bed sheets are made of. After your mattress, the next priority is to look at your bed sheets to get the optimal sleep. You will be more relaxed after laying down in a comfortable bed with this configuration.

In this quick guide, we will have a look at what microfiber sheets make great bed sheets. These type of bed sheets have been very popular for a while and there are right reasons for this enthusiasm. Probably your sleep will be gain new levels after this reading. We will try to cover the pros and cons of the microfiber sheets.

Advantage of microfiber sheets

Let’s start with the advantage. The benefit number one is that they are inexpensive. As it is made in tiny polyester fibers, manufacturers can offer them with a typical lower price than cotton or obviously linen.

Technology used to produce these bedsheets are always looking to innovate. Hence, they tend to find ways to reduce the cost which an amazing thing for consumers like us ! That means we could offer a wider variety of bedsheets to rotate to suit our beds to our moods.

Another good point as we mentioned in our introduction, microfiber can feel buttery soft. You will experience a soft contact to your skins and can definitely keep you stick yo your bed longer in the morning. Huh ? Could be a disadvantage, right ?

Another benefit of microfiber bedsheets is the dryness ability. They can stay dried longer and when humid they dry promptly. Let’s imagine when you have some guests or even if you have a guest house, it is quite a relief to reduce the dry time by half for your bedsheets. Additionally, that means your microfiber sheet could last longer as you would need less time in the tumble dryer.

Another solid points that we listed above is that microfiber sheet as durable due to the tight woven. Your microfiber sheets will last longer and tough to rip. These bedsheets managed to keep a high level of comfort against your skin while being extremely durable.

What we can conclude on the good point is that microfiber sheets are ideal and perfectly suited to prevent allergies. Sleepers with allergies would enjoy a night free of dust or airborne allergens.

Cons of microfiber sheets

Among the disadvantage we found in microfiber sheets, they may feel a bit flimsy compared to others. That could be depending on your taste but despite an amazing soft texture, some may find them too soft in regard of traditional bedsheets.

Due to the innovative technologies employed to developed these bedsheets, it can be tempted to opt for the lowest price. It was seen to be very detrimental to the quality. Especially, we found that colors of your sheet will fade quicker than traditional cotton bedsheets.

Overall, the number of advantages are considerable for these bedsheets.

If you are subject to allergies, go for it. If you receive a lot of guests at home, they will be relieved to have sheets where they will remember having a wonderful night.

Finally, microfiber sheets are very strong and durable. For all these reasons, I confidently rate them 5 out of 5 stars.

Microfiber Bed Sheet Review

If you want to read more about bedsheets, we found this instructive comparison.

Review by: Camilla

Rating: 4.9 out of 5… well okay 5/5 🙂

5 Best Relaxing Sofas & Couches on
5 Best Relaxing Sofas & Couches on

How to choose a couch for your living room ? You spent long hours at work, for some us that might be standing long hours. When you come back home you need a relaxing place. Let’s see the 5 Best Relaxing Sofas & Couches on that will offer you amazing ideas to have a comforting place.

1. Best Relaxing Couch : Rivet Cove Mid-Century Modern Tufted Apartment Sofa, 72″W

This Amazon brand has a very modern style. Its 72 inches wide is convenient for mid-size living room and is definitely one of the best relaxing sofa.

The Rivet Cove is a perfect fit for an apartment or can accompany elegantly your office space.

Rivet Cove Mid-Century Modern Tufted Apartment Sofa, 72"W

Buy Now on Amazon

2. Emerald Velvet Fabric Sofa Couch,71 Inch Wide

With this sofa, we appreciate its velvet fabric. After an harassing day it is a wonderful feeling to lay down on a soft couch. Although this Emerald sofa is in velvet fabric, its style is still very modern and will elegantly fit your apartment living for a urban individual or couple.

Its price is relatively affordable for a velvet furniture. It will level the color of your home while being highly stylish.

Emerald Green Velvet Fabric Sofa Couch,71 Inch Wide

Emerald Velvet Fabric Sofa Couch,71 Inch Wide

Buy Now on Amazon

Among everything, we notice and we really appreciate the free shipping option available on !

3. Best couch with a sofa bed : Modern Sofa Bed,Couch for Living Room Classic Upholstered, Soft Surface

Sofa beds are convenient options to combine the best of two usages : a sofa and a folding bed when guests are coming over.

Despite generally the the highest reviews in terms of comfort for this furniture family, we put in number 3 position among our 5 best relaxing sofa & couches. We acknowledge it is very challenging to have a true sofa when opting for sofa bed. That means you might think you need to leave the comfort as optional.
Well not completely. We think this model listed on is a strong contender and manage to be a comfortable sofa when in this option.

4. FUNRELAX Sectional Sofa for relaxing

If you have seen one of our previous posts about L-Shaped Sofa, the FUNRELAX sectional sofa is one of the best model when you want  a modern sectional sofa to keep a clean living room and elegant.

Its size is ideal for tall people and will be a great fit to relax while watching your favorite TV show for a couple or when friends are coming over.

Finally, it can help to have replace a sofa bed as its size can definitely fit one person for sleeping.

FUNRELAX Sectional Sofa

Buy Now on Amazon

5. Our last best relaxing sofa… okay it is not a couch…

For the very last item in this best relaxing sofas & couches post, we went a bit beyond the box : why do you need to only relax in a couch ?

With this excellent recliner arm chair, it will be difficult to say that you are not feeling better and well rested.

For instance, when you have a small room, it can be difficult to have the model displayed before getting in every apartment : not everyone can have sectional sofa and budget-wise it can be challenging.  A recliner arm chair is then a good solution to still enjoy a relaxing time in your living room.

GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Charcoal Fabric Recliner Arm Chair

Buy Now on Amazon

We hope you enjoyed reading this short post to detail what are the 5 Best Relaxing Sofas & Couches on You should have a look at our other posts for additional tips and info on sofa and couches.

What Are the Most Popular Sofa Colors In 2020 With Charts

When you have the intention to purchase a new piece of furniture, it is always a good thing to look at the trend. For most of us, purchasing a sofa is still considered as one of the most important purchase : it will stay for while in the center of your living room.

What are the most popular sofa colors in 2020 ? Whether you are just moving in a new place or you want to redecorate your interior, you might want to get it right and better buy the right trendy color for your next sofa.

How did we gather the Sofa Color data?

This a is a good question and for sure one you should ask from the beginning  In order to conduct this research,  we collected most of the data thanks to the help of popular search software. We analyze the monthly searches related to sofa colors among the rest of the billions of search requests.

We cannot guarantee though that the result of the software are 100% accurate as it is only providing an overall trend. This trend is already quite significant to see where are the most popular colors for sofa.

What is the most popular sofa color in 2020 ?

The most popular sofa color is … white.

Yes, white sofa was ranked #1 for regular and leather sofas and #2 for sectional sofas.

It will save you a lot of time and money on your next sofa purchase.

Let’s see the Sofa Color Chart

In order to support what we say, let’s see in details in the next image, a chart that gathered the last 12 months of search request for sofa color.

There was a tremendous popularity in white sofa colors in 2020. We see that white color sofa was high when buying a sofa

Popular Sofa Color in 2020

Has white always been the most popular sofa color ?

Monochromatic colors have always been popular. Black sofas can be very stylish and give a comfy and warm feeling in cozy living room.

When you want to give a very luminous aspect to your place. White furniture always tend to bring more light and can balance well a dark environment.

When you go in more “unconventional” colors such as yellow, pinks or orange, it can be trickier to successfully accommodate it with other pieces of furniture.

What could explain that with has been the most popular sofa color ?

For sure, white and black sofas are certainly the sofa that can fit almost everywhere. If you imagine moving out regularly in a new home and don’t want to spend your time too much on redecoration, monochromatic colors are the best choices and makes them the most popular sofa colors.

Get To Know Your Home To Better Color Match 

As we have seen, a monochromatic sofa color such as the popular color like white or black sofa, is easier to integrate in a standard living. However, that looks might be a bit dull.

Before purchasing it, identify the color of the walls and major furniture. As you can see in the chart, popular sofa color after white and black are blue or green.

That means it is completely possible to integrate softly more creativity into your living room by taking attention to the color.

Additionally, theses two colors means that you should find plenty of sofa options : sectional sofa in multiple configuration or different sofa styles that will match your requirement within your color choices

Now that you know what the most popular sofa colors why not looking at our post describing the  Sofas L Shaped – 2 best facts to know On L Shaped Sofas

What Are the Most Popular Sofa Colors In 2020 With Charts

It happens all the time for every customers : you just happen to be in a popular furniture store and you are about to buy an important piece of furniture.

You end up with eyeing on a beautiful sofa… but wait, you do not know exactly if it’s going to fit your living room. How to measure a sofa the right way ? This exactly what we are going to look at and save you a lot of hassle of buying the wrong size.

It will save you a lot of time and money on your next sofa purchase.

Why Is It So Critical to Take Measurements

When you measure your sofa, we usually you focus these measurements in order to see how it is going to fit in your living. But what about the delivery ?

When the delivery team will come to your place, they will have the challenge to get your amazing new sofa into your home through windows or having to dismantle a sofa to take it inside. Besides, sofas got returned to the furniture stores only because the delivery team could not pass the sofa through the doors, stairs, windows or simply because the sofa is too large for the rooms.

A good reason to measure the room and the space where you intend to put your sofa is in the case you buy the sofa online. As more and more of our purchase are now made online, you must absolutely spend some time finding the information  on the dimensions before your proceed with your purchase. Make sure to differentiate and not confuse height, width, depth and any other dimension.

Finally the more you understand the space occupation of your future sofa, the more you will visualize how it will fit into the space. It is critical to maintain a good size harmony within your living room. Take the time to measure the other pieces of furniture you already have so that your sofa will be within the same dimension scale. Keeping a right sizing is essential if you wish to obtain an elegant living room.

How to Measure A Sofa

Get Your Home Properly Measured

Now you have in mind to buy a sofaand you are eager to press BUY in the online cart. Don’t rush it ! Before you even think of buying a sofa, you must measure properly your place.

How to do your home measurement ? A good steps-by-steps would be the following :

  1. measure from the entry,
  2. then move on to all the different passages, hallways, staircases, or doors that your sofa will pass through until you reach the last place, where it is supposed to go.
  3. spot the most challenging spot : a stair corners, a door that might need to be removed to pass your sofa
  4. finally, add a few extra inches for an easy maneuvering of your furniture.

The Measurement Techniques 

Measuring a sofa is not simply measuring the length or the width. If you limit yourself to that, you do not have the right space occupation of your sofa and as we mentioned in the first part, it will not reflect the overall scale of your sofa within the room. In order to measure properly, you can do the following :

  • Width: For the first obvious steps, we will measure the width.
    Measure the width from arm to arm. By doing so you will be able to take the measurement from what is usually the widest part of the sofa. You need to make sure that you are taking the width measurements at the widest point.
    The usual example is when you have rolled-up arms that goes beyond the bottom width.
  • Height: next, you will measure the height—same thing here, you will measure from the back at the highest point.  Also, measure from there to the floor as you could a get a sofa with detachable legs. For sofas where the legs are screwed on,  you can just remove them and measure the sofa height like that as it will get easier to move your sofa around inside your room. A good thing to note is when you are removing the sofa legs, you reduce the chance of putting any marks on the walls or doors.
  • Depth:  the depth of the sofa is certainly one of the most important measurements to take. When you need to take the measure you can start from the outside edge of the seat and then carry on all the way to the back.
  • Diagonal Depth: The final step is to measure the diagonal depth of the sofa. To do this this, you only place a straight tape measure from the top back of the frame to the bottom front in diagonal.

Now that you know how to measure a sofa the right way why not looking at our post describing the  Sofas L Shaped – 2 best facts to know On L Shaped Sofas

5 Best sofa ideas for small living room
5 Best sofa ideas for small living room5 Best sofa ideas for small living room

How to chose a sofa for a small living room ? Let’s see 5 Best sofa ideas for small living room. Obviously all rooms can present challenges for a sofa arrangement. In a big house where your living gives many options, it is not as challenging as a small condo apartment for sure.

Which furniture should you select for your small living room ? How to select the best for your buck and that maximize your square feet ?

1. Pick the right dimension for your sofa (and for the furniture around it)

It might sound quite obvious and you might start wondering why it is listed there. But it is always easy to be lure by the fact that the sofa you see at the retail store looks smaller before entering your home.

It can be easily listed as the number one mistake when you rush and buy a sofa or couches online or as soon as you get in the retail furniture store.

Usually a sofa with a length of maximum 66 inches is strong contender to fit most of your rooms. You can definitely see again our review for the sofa Raine that we reviewed on

Another funny ideas : go to antiques shops ! They are a great place to look for small-scale furniture.

Why ? You need to know that the average room size was generally smaller than nowadays. This last option takes more time of course as you would not get any guarantees to find the ideal furniture piece.

Serta Rane convertible dimension
Sofa Serta Rain with ideal fit fo small room 66.1 x 33.1 x 29.5 inches

2.Pick a sofa with hidden built-in storage.

A sofa with a built-in storage is an excellent option to limit the clutter in your small apartment. We had previously reviewed the Serta Palisade, an awesome sofa that offer a wide storage space for store your cushions or else.

Serta Palisades Sofa Storage

Serta Palisade Sofa with hidden storage

Also a good idea that combines convenience and beauty, you can stage a trunk or storage ottoman as a perfect coffee table. In the area of the living room, give a try with a small chest of drawers.

Additionally, a small credenza instead of a console table or side table is a final suggestion for storage in a small apartment which still look for good home decor.

YOUDENOVA 30 inches Storage Ottoman Bench
Storage Ottoman Bench

3. Last Best Sofa Ideas for Small Living Room : Go vertical !

Look up and check if your living room benefits from high ceiling. You can take full advantage of this overlooked extra space by giving a bigger feeling of space in a small living room.

Additionally, you can unclutter the floor space by putting some original decor items coming from the ceiling. For instance, some pieces of art or some lamps fixture from the walls will give a larger look to your living room.

Serta Rane convertible sofa

4.Use the corners to your advantage.

Here, the best way would be to locate a sectional sofa so that you can maximize your floor space.

If your dining room is within the living room, opting for L-Shaped sofa will add more seating space.

Don’t hesitate to go back to our previous posts about L-Shaped Sofa. For the best look, prefer a modern sectional sofa to keep  a clean living room and elegant.

Eventually, a corner would be perfect to boost your living room by  adding light spot that will offer a nice tone and atmosphere to the room.

sectional sofa

5. Put mirrors on your wall.

When you have a small room, the general trick to add depth is to open the space by placing mirrors. In a small living room, it can be tricky to get enough windows. In order to remove this boxed-effect, a couple of mirrors add more light and offer more space.

When you position the mirrors right across from a windows you can obtain the best results : thanks to your mirror the light will reflect the window view for the outside. You almost get an extra window in your small living room

Put Mirrors
Try this Wall Sticker Decal

Hope these 5 Best sofa ideas for small living room have been helpful. We will come back again for nice tips.

What makes the Serta Rane convertible sofa 66" amazing ? Review

What do we think about this best seller ? What makes Serta Rane convertible sofa 66″ amazing ? In this review we will try to highlight the key feature of convertible sofa

What makes the Serta Rane convertible sofa 66″ amazing ? Review

Key features

  • Compact
    • Its compact design fits a lot of rooms or hallway.
  •  Elegant
    • This convertible sofa has solid quality polyester fabric that gives its a fresh design
  • Convenient
    • It is multi-functional, hence you can use it in usual living room position to a sleeping position. Perfect to host your guests.

How does this convertible sofa looks ?

For colors, you have 4 colors options offers. They are very modern looks and it can definitely match any living room for all the taste.

Now, let’ s look closely a the Serta Rane convertible sofa 66″.

For a convertible sofa, we can definitely say that Serta did an awesom job to offer a multi-functional sofa in a highly styling look. It is mostly a small sofa. Therefore, it can look perfect in a studio apartment or in a house guest room. We can definitely picture it in a hallway as well.

In a home office environment, it will be great with an addition of small decorations and pieces to the room. As it is very light in terms of design, the Serta Rane convertible sofa would be perfect in uncluttered apartment very lush.

We would recommend leaving more space than usual on the front or to have a lightweight coffee table on the front of this sofa. As you would need to use in a sleeping position have in mind, at least 30″ of space on the front side of the sofa as a minimum, as this makes sure you can move around easily when putting the sofa in sleeping position. Also you would need a bit more space to initiate the click-clack technology without any problems.

A suggested arrangement would be in a guest room, with a small coffee table by its side which could help your guest to drop their things while sleeping peacefully at your place.

Serta Rane convertible sofa

In general, what do we think about the Serta Rane convertible sofa?

As this sofa is a convertible, there are always partial concessions to do on the seating position. At , we usually prefer sofas that are meant to be only sofa… when your objectives is to seat long hours in front of your favorite TV series for a bing-watching session. In that case, we would not recommend to go for this sofa when you intend to seat on it for a long period.

If this sofa is to be placed in a guest room, a home office, when you do work from home (WFH), in this case, it is perfect furniture for you ! Seating on it for a short talk or a drinking your best coffee or drinks would be perfectly fine. This convertible sofa is perfectly sized for small room like a guest room or home office.

The best of this sofa is its multi-functional design. It can go from a living room sofa to a lounging mode to finally a sleeping position.

As usual, Serta is well place when it puts in balance price for quality. This  is sofa a relatively affordable for the options it offers. Again, there are often sales, so make sure to keep it in your wish lists.

As usual,  have a look and read others opinions and see what they think of the sofa. Like we enjoy to in our reviews, we help you compiled some of the most helpful reviews for the Serta Rane convertible sofa in the next section.

Serta Rane convertible sofa 66" in flat bed position

What are the other reviews about Serta Rane convertible sofa ?

The following are genuine reviews by Amazon users on the Serta Rane Sofa.

Review 01
Review by Christine

Review 02
Review by Jess

Sofa Dimensions

The convertible sofa presents several dimensions. Our review is the 66″ sofa, here are the dimensions.

Serta Rane convertible dimension

66.1 x 33.1 x 29.5 inches

The total product weight is 60.4 pounds

As you can see, its weight is quite on the light side for a sofa. This is convenient in place where you will have to move it around.


Once again the delivery is a bliss. This sofa is quickly delivered even when in high demands. Its delivery times is standard and among the fastest we have seen. It can even be delivered within a day on most occasions. And yes, most of the time it’s free delivery! As this sofa is already quite compact, it is delivered in a compact package with no trouble to go around in small apartment.

Serta Rane convertible sofa in lounge mode


For the assembly steps, it is usually simple.

However, it might takes you over an hour as it click-clack mechanism requires proper assembly. If you read the instructions correctly.

No screw driver would be needed for assembly, but it is better if you have someone to help you out, as it is with any demanding task.

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Assembly

Best places to buy this convertible sofa

This sofa can be found on many sites, but we clearly recommend that you purchase it from Amazon.

You will benefit from a trusted provider and a fast delivery.

You can find next the links for the four color options in our opinion

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Navy Blue

Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa, L66.1 x W33.1 x H29.5, Navy Blue

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Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Black

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Black

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Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Charcoal

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Charcoal

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Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Java


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Our verdict about the Serta Rane Convertible

Finally, this convertible sofa answers everything that make it an outstanding piece of furniture. It will elegantly welcomes your guests and offers them a good night sleep.

This stylish and elegant Serta Rane sofa is a great item to get for your home.

Sofa Rating 78 out of 100 with 2034 ratings