5 Best sofa ideas for small living room
5 Best sofa ideas for small living room5 Best sofa ideas for small living room

How to chose a sofa for a small living room ? Let’s see 5 Best sofa ideas for small living room. Obviously all rooms can present challenges for a sofa arrangement. In a big house where your living gives many options, it is not as challenging as a small condo apartment for sure.

Which furniture should you select for your small living room ? How to select the best for your buck and that maximize your square feet ?

1. Pick the right dimension for your sofa (and for the furniture around it)

It might sound quite obvious and you might start wondering why it is listed there. But it is always easy to be lure by the fact that the sofa you see at the retail store looks smaller before entering your home.

It can be easily listed as the number one mistake when you rush and buy a sofa or couches online or as soon as you get in the retail furniture store.

Usually a sofa with a length of maximum 66 inches is strong contender to fit most of your rooms. You can definitely see again our review for the sofa Raine that we reviewed on LeSofa.club.

Another funny ideas : go to antiques shops ! They are a great place to look for small-scale furniture.

Why ? You need to know that the average room size was generally smaller than nowadays. This last option takes more time of course as you would not get any guarantees to find the ideal furniture piece.

Serta Rane convertible dimension
Sofa Serta Rain with ideal fit fo small room 66.1 x 33.1 x 29.5 inches

2.Pick a sofa with hidden built-in storage.

A sofa with a built-in storage is an excellent option to limit the clutter in your small apartment. We had previously reviewed the Serta Palisade, an awesome sofa that offer a wide storage space for store your cushions or else.

Serta Palisades Sofa Storage

Serta Palisade Sofa with hidden storage

Also a good idea that combines convenience and beauty, you can stage a trunk or storage ottoman as a perfect coffee table. In the area of the living room, give a try with a small chest of drawers.

Additionally, a small credenza instead of a console table or side table is a final suggestion for storage in a small apartment which still look for good home decor.

YOUDENOVA 30 inches Storage Ottoman Bench
Storage Ottoman Bench

3. Last Best Sofa Ideas for Small Living Room : Go vertical !

Look up and check if your living room benefits from high ceiling. You can take full advantage of this overlooked extra space by giving a bigger feeling of space in a small living room.

Additionally, you can unclutter the floor space by putting some original decor items coming from the ceiling. For instance, some pieces of art or some lamps fixture from the walls will give a larger look to your living room.

Serta Rane convertible sofa

4.Use the corners to your advantage.

Here, the best way would be to locate a sectional sofa so that you can maximize your floor space.

If your dining room is within the living room, opting for L-Shaped sofa will add more seating space.

Don’t hesitate to go back to our previous posts about L-Shaped Sofa. For the best look, prefer a modern sectional sofa to keep  a clean living room and elegant.

Eventually, a corner would be perfect to boost your living room by  adding light spot that will offer a nice tone and atmosphere to the room.

sectional sofa

5. Put mirrors on your wall.

When you have a small room, the general trick to add depth is to open the space by placing mirrors. In a small living room, it can be tricky to get enough windows. In order to remove this boxed-effect, a couple of mirrors add more light and offer more space.

When you position the mirrors right across from a windows you can obtain the best results : thanks to your mirror the light will reflect the window view for the outside. You almost get an extra window in your small living room

Put Mirrors
Try this Wall Sticker Decal

Hope these 5 Best sofa ideas for small living room have been helpful. We will come back again for nice tips.