What makes the Serta Rane convertible sofa 66" amazing ? Review

What do we think about this best seller ? What makes Serta Rane convertible sofa 66″ amazing ? In this review we will try to highlight the key feature of convertible sofa

What makes the Serta Rane convertible sofa 66″ amazing ? Review

Key features

  • Compact
    • Its compact design fits a lot of rooms or hallway.
  •  Elegant
    • This convertible sofa has solid quality polyester fabric that gives its a fresh design
  • Convenient
    • It is multi-functional, hence you can use it in usual living room position to a sleeping position. Perfect to host your guests.

How does this convertible sofa looks ?

For colors, you have 4 colors options offers. They are very modern looks and it can definitely match any living room for all the taste.

Now, let’ s look closely a the Serta Rane convertible sofa 66″.

For a convertible sofa, we can definitely say that Serta did an awesom job to offer a multi-functional sofa in a highly styling look. It is mostly a small sofa. Therefore, it can look perfect in a studio apartment or in a house guest room. We can definitely picture it in a hallway as well.

In a home office environment, it will be great with an addition of small decorations and pieces to the room. As it is very light in terms of design, the Serta Rane convertible sofa would be perfect in uncluttered apartment very lush.

We would recommend leaving more space than usual on the front or to have a lightweight coffee table on the front of this sofa. As you would need to use in a sleeping position have in mind, at least 30″ of space on the front side of the sofa as a minimum, as this makes sure you can move around easily when putting the sofa in sleeping position. Also you would need a bit more space to initiate the click-clack technology without any problems.

A suggested arrangement would be in a guest room, with a small coffee table by its side which could help your guest to drop their things while sleeping peacefully at your place.

Serta Rane convertible sofa

In general, what do we think about the Serta Rane convertible sofa?

As this sofa is a convertible, there are always partial concessions to do on the seating position. At LeSofa.club , we usually prefer sofas that are meant to be only sofa… when your objectives is to seat long hours in front of your favorite TV series for a bing-watching session. In that case, we would not recommend to go for this sofa when you intend to seat on it for a long period.

If this sofa is to be placed in a guest room, a home office, when you do work from home (WFH), in this case, it is perfect furniture for you ! Seating on it for a short talk or a drinking your best coffee or drinks would be perfectly fine. This convertible sofa is perfectly sized for small room like a guest room or home office.

The best of this sofa is its multi-functional design. It can go from a living room sofa to a lounging mode to finally a sleeping position.

As usual, Serta is well place when it puts in balance price for quality. This  is sofa a relatively affordable for the options it offers. Again, there are often sales, so make sure to keep it in your wish lists.

As usual,  have a look and read others opinions and see what they think of the sofa. Like we enjoy to in our reviews, we help you compiled some of the most helpful reviews for the Serta Rane convertible sofa in the next section.

Serta Rane convertible sofa 66" in flat bed position

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Sofa Dimensions

The convertible sofa presents several dimensions. Our review is the 66″ sofa, here are the dimensions.

Serta Rane convertible dimension

66.1 x 33.1 x 29.5 inches

The total product weight is 60.4 pounds

As you can see, its weight is quite on the light side for a sofa. This is convenient in place where you will have to move it around.


Once again the delivery is a bliss. This sofa is quickly delivered even when in high demands. Its delivery times is standard and among the fastest we have seen. It can even be delivered within a day on most occasions. And yes, most of the time it’s free delivery! As this sofa is already quite compact, it is delivered in a compact package with no trouble to go around in small apartment.

Serta Rane convertible sofa in lounge mode


For the assembly steps, it is usually simple.

However, it might takes you over an hour as it click-clack mechanism requires proper assembly. If you read the instructions correctly.

No screw driver would be needed for assembly, but it is better if you have someone to help you out, as it is with any demanding task.

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Assembly

Best places to buy this convertible sofa

This sofa can be found on many sites, but we clearly recommend that you purchase it from Amazon.

You will benefit from a trusted provider and a fast delivery.

You can find next the links for the four color options in our opinion

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Navy Blue

Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa, L66.1 x W33.1 x H29.5, Navy Blue

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Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Black

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Black

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Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Charcoal

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Charcoal

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Serta Rane Convertible Sofa, Java


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Our verdict about the Serta Rane Convertible

Finally, this convertible sofa answers everything that make it an outstanding piece of furniture. It will elegantly welcomes your guests and offers them a good night sleep.

This stylish and elegant Serta Rane sofa is a great item to get for your home.

Sofa Rating 78 out of 100 with 2034 ratings