What Are the Most Popular Sofa Colors In 2020 With Charts

When you have the intention to purchase a new piece of furniture, it is always a good thing to look at the trend. For most of us, purchasing a sofa is still considered as one of the most important purchase : it will stay for while in the center of your living room.

What are the most popular sofa colors in 2020 ? Whether you are just moving in a new place or you want to redecorate your interior, you might want to get it right and better buy the right trendy color for your next sofa.

How did we gather the Sofa Color data?

This a is a good question and for sure one you should ask from the beginning  In order to conduct this research,  we collected most of the data thanks to the help of popular search software. We analyze the monthly searches related to sofa colors among the rest of the billions of search requests.

We cannot guarantee though that the result of the software are 100% accurate as it is only providing an overall trend. This trend is already quite significant to see where are the most popular colors for sofa.

What is the most popular sofa color in 2020 ?

The most popular sofa color is … white.

Yes, white sofa was ranked #1 for regular and leather sofas and #2 for sectional sofas.

It will save you a lot of time and money on your next sofa purchase.

Let’s see the Sofa Color Chart

In order to support what we say, let’s see in details in the next image, a chart that gathered the last 12 months of search request for sofa color.

There was a tremendous popularity in white sofa colors in 2020. We see that white color sofa was high when buying a sofa

Popular Sofa Color in 2020

Has white always been the most popular sofa color ?

Monochromatic colors have always been popular. Black sofas can be very stylish and give a comfy and warm feeling in cozy living room.

When you want to give a very luminous aspect to your place. White furniture always tend to bring more light and can balance well a dark environment.

When you go in more “unconventional” colors such as yellow, pinks or orange, it can be trickier to successfully accommodate it with other pieces of furniture.

What could explain that with has been the most popular sofa color ?

For sure, white and black sofas are certainly the sofa that can fit almost everywhere. If you imagine moving out regularly in a new home and don’t want to spend your time too much on redecoration, monochromatic colors are the best choices and makes them the most popular sofa colors.

Get To Know Your Home To Better Color Match 

As we have seen, a monochromatic sofa color such as the popular color like white or black sofa, is easier to integrate in a standard living. However, that looks might be a bit dull.

Before purchasing it, identify the color of the walls and major furniture. As you can see in the chart, popular sofa color after white and black are blue or green.

That means it is completely possible to integrate softly more creativity into your living room by taking attention to the color.

Additionally, theses two colors means that you should find plenty of sofa options : sectional sofa in multiple configuration or different sofa styles that will match your requirement within your color choices

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