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Sofa Styles

There are so many options when browsing for a new sofas to buy. With plenty of choices available, it is better to know each of their different design style.

Below we describe the broad sofa categories you’ll probably encounter as you may shop for this important piece of furniture.

Let’s see 5 great sofas styles to discover.

Traditional Sofas

The most basic sofa is a conventional sofa. It’s a back, armrests, and two or three cushions over a solid base. The back should be covered with two or three attached or removable cushions. Arm height, width, and design vary by style. Some styles have high arms that sit at exactly the same level as the back of the frame, such as in the tuxedo, Chesterfield, and cabriole styles. Others have low arms, such as the English sofa. Wood and metal make up the base.

traditional sofa styles

Another classic one, this is a sofa designed for a single person. There are usually very comfy and spacious.

You can rest your arms on the side on the chair comfortably and lounge on it for hours. Depending of the style, it can comes with a head rest.

armchair sofa style


Loveseats, are sofas that are built for two people, but in most cases, three people can fit on them. They are in the style of full-size sofas, but their Length can also vary.

These sofas are very common and can seat 2 or 3 people comfortably. It is perfect for a small family and fits nicely into most living rooms without taking up too much space.


Sectional Sofas / L-Shape Sofas

Among the most popular sofas on the market, the sectional sofa provides versatility with a maximum amount of seating.

As the name suggests, this type of sofa comes in segments which fit together to create different configurations. The most popular configurations are the”L” and”U” shape; both come in a variety of sizes. Some sectional sofas have reclining segments, and some include a chaise lounge.

By the way, we wrote about them here: Sofas L Shaped – 2 best facts to know On L Shaped Sofas.

If you check out any furniture store, you’ll start to see more L-shaped sofas nowadays. They offer flexibility for you to customize the number of seats you want. Also, if you don’t mind squeezing a little, it can fit a family of 5 to 6 on it, especially if some of them are kids.


sectional sofa

Sleeper Sofas / Sofa Beds

Sleeper sofas include any style which can be utilized as a couch and a bed. The styles that fall into this category include each the following.

Futons: A futon functions as both a bed and a couch.

Convertible sofa: This is a bigger, sturdier version of a futon. The seat and back cushions pull out and make a solid sleeping surface. Contrary to the futon, the convertible design is usually found on sectionals.

Pull-out sleeper sofa: Pull-outs have a sleeping surface, typically a pillow or mattress, stored inside the couch. Unlike a futon or convertible sofa, the back cushions of a pull-out sofa remain upright when the sleeping surface is in use.

Combining a sofa and a bed together is genius and saves a ton of space. The option is terrific if you have guests who crash at your house occasionally

Recliner Sofas

And to conclude our 5 great sofas styles to discover, let’s check the recliner sofa.

As the name implies, recliner sofas have segments that recline.You can put your feet up without needing an ottoman or footrest, leaving more open floor area when the recliner is not being used. With some recliner sofas, only the end segments recline. In other sofas, each the sections recline.

The reclining mechanism could be electric or manual. Keep in mind that an electrically powered couch of any kind will have to be placed near an electrical socket.

Recliner Sofas